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August 30, 2010 § 5 Comments

I am feeling a little etsy rusty. But, I have been holding out on some colder weather pieces and so a little shop update is in the works. There will be some things for fall/winter in addition to a few items that can be layered and worn all year long.

Here is a little peek:

dainty coral baby girl blouse.

70’s long stretch tee.

vintage school uniform blazer.

super soft pj’s you’d wish came in your size.

one size perfect fit tweet hat.

There will also be an end of summer FREE SHIPPING sale on select items. And hopefully a tiny styled shoot with my munchkins to show how easily some of these little items can be taken into the fall and layered for colder days.

This little project has been really fun to do, so who knows, maybe I’ll expand into some ‘bigger’ size clothes and other things… sometime…just saying!


easy breezy

August 27, 2010 § 2 Comments

My wish finally came true and last weekend we went to Stinson beach. I know, see? Its not hard to keep this girl happy. It’s just close enough to avoid some serious melt downs from squeezing as much as you can from a day trip with kids. JUST CLOSE ENOUGH. We came pretty close to ending it all (at the very end of it). But we made it, kite flying and sand digging conquered.

Eva could totally pull of Rhianna hair.

We came back home only to find a paralyzing heat wave. I don’t like heat. There are a few things in life that make me whisper bad words under my breath and heat is definitely one of them. BUT, it has been significantly cooling down ever since. So I will spare you any more complaining. I got so excited about the breeze and that we will be in the 70s this weekend that I even broke out my socks. We are making use of the balcony again. Which reminds me I am yet to find a table to go out there for our cocktail evenings.

Having the windows open and the wind blowing throughout the whole house is so rejuvenating. I just might be very trophy wifey today.


August 20, 2010 § 1 Comment

I use to somewhat pride myself on being a good multitasker. Lately though, I am realizing more and more that in my attempts to multitask I instead get distracted and end up doing something completely different not really accomplishing what I meant to in the beginning. You know, like I start at the laundry machine because I want to load the dryer before I start washing the dishes and then while I am hanging some items to air dry in our sunroom, I decide I really need to organize things in there and rearrange the furniture too. Anywho. During that very furniture rearranging yesterday Eva and I stumbled upon little crafts from her birthday party. So as I tried to finish up she waited impatiently to paint.

Her birthday party theme this year was a spin off of “Fantastic Mr. Fox.” We made fox masks with shiny pipe cleaners for whiskers and painted little foxes that I cut out of egg cartons.

So forget the dishes altogether, yesterday we painted instead.








I have a feeling now that Eva will be starting school and making friends with kids that aren’t so pop culture sheltered I won’t get away so easily with just sticking to woodland creatures birthday themes. Hopefully though I’ve laid down a strong enough foundation to avoid anything Barbie or Hannah Montana related. We’ll see….

Here is a little peak at our celebration this year. It was lovely.







fall musings.

August 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

enough said.






the latest and greatest from


August 16, 2010 § 2 Comments

I am not a huge champagne fan—until quite recently.  On our last visit to the bay we were sitting outside a cafe with our coffee when the cutest couple came out with a bottle of champagne for their breakfast. Now that’s how I would drink champagne, I thought! (How easily am I influenced?!)

We made mimosas yesterday to finish off a bottle from the night before for our Sunday brunch.


I feel like such a grown up.

it was just meant to be.

August 12, 2010 § 6 Comments

ok how often, really, does this happen?

I mentioned these clogs on here a few weeks ago, and yesterday when I walk into a trading store I run into these babies?



In my size, hardly worn, super comfy, 12bucks. End of story.

This is also my most favorite outfit right now.  A super lightweight tank top from UO that I got probably 3 years ago and trousers gifted to me by a very lovely friend.

Remember that weird metal guy statue outside a gift shop on L and 21st? Well that store is long gone and in its place is Freestyle Trading Company.  They just opened up!

They also sell and buy vintage clothing, which Crossraods doesn’t do.

Anyway. Its a pretty sweet location. I wish I would have bought that place and opened up my gluten free bakery/coffee shop. It would of been perfect because its a place I could have the line going out the door and around the corner.


Check em out.

lucky day

August 7, 2010 § 2 Comments

ouh-wee! So this week’s experiment in running solemnly on french press without any espresso FAILED big time! Obviously. A bit impossible for me to keep up with the hard times (ha) without my jolts strategically implemented throughout the day. What was I thinking?! I am especially looking forward to my Sunday morning coffee run followed by farmers market, followed by another coffee run followed by play date with some dear friends. You better bet your dollar on me being the first one waiting Monday morning at Naked Lounge Coffee’s Roasting house to get my pound of freshly roasted espresso beans (for half off). Or maybe two (wink wink).

I am also especially looking forward to getting my hairs trimmed tomorrow! This week I have gone through a few sessions of bleach bathing and toning, happy to announce that currently I am a pretty light blonde with just a hint of blue hue. Heck. Did not foresee that ‘blonde’ is so high maintenance! Lizka will be (barely) trimming it for me. My bangs wont be impairing my vision any longer.

So. Last thing I am looking forward to, but now as I am typing this I am realizing that it might be a stretch to fit in tomorrow with my already packed day, never the less I will try (I will be back on espresso mind you) is baking some cherry crumble cake. I came upon this recipe and have been dreaming of it ever since.


You can find the original recipe here, I will be making mine with spelt.

Happy Sunday!

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