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July 26, 2010 § Leave a comment


Earlier this month we drove down with some friends to the bay and checked out the Indie Mart. A bunch of great local designers and handmade goodies. Nothing in Sacramento comes close to this kind of selection!


The vintage collections of Little Curiosities was probably one of my favorites “things” stands. There were also a lot of clothes designers even a guy that made flip flops out of recycled tires. And those looked a lot better than you just imagined them. Pretty professional actually.

I also was pretty impressed with this girl. She melts down bullet casing and makes charms. AMAZING. She also sells vintage ones. I regret a little bit not getting the bird scull one, but there were just so many good ones, it was too hard to choose.



There will be another indie mart next month. A good reason to make a trip!


I love visiting San Fransisco and I am bummed that we don’t go over as often as we use to. Its not the same when you have short people (that you love) in carseats in the back. I wish I would have snapped some pictures of the street style this last time. I am very inspired by old Asian ladies. THEY know what they are doing! I think I would pretty much wear anything in their closets. Seriously next time you see an old tiny Asian lady you can think of me wearing just that.



All I need are these clogs and be able to pull my bangs up high into a top side bun!


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