it came and went, and it was lovely

July 6, 2010 § 1 Comment

It was muh birthday this past weekend. We started off celebrating the day before with the kiddos over some home made ice cream from Ginger Elizabeth.

The salty chocolate ice-cream dipped in dark chocolate is darn GOOD!




The day of, the husband and I road our bikes around town, did I mention my bike is all fixed up? It is! Still need some mustache handle bars and to attach my little basket, but its running. Went and saw Sister Crayon and the “Sister Crayon Dancers” (inside joke). Went out for sushi and drinks and tried cafeteria for dessert. OK. I would love to have the furniture of that place in my house. From the crate full of light bulbs to the eames style bar chairs. Pretty amazing. And don’t let the “dinner” style menu scare you. Its a cute place and the food is good.

We skipped town very last minute and went camping for the long weekend. I am glad we got that out of our systems and although it was a grand ol’ time I was reminded of the reasons why I am not much of a camper.

Today we are recuperating.

The end.


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