stretching my dollar

July 30, 2010 § 6 Comments

If I go into a vintage boutique 10bucks for an item on sale seems SO cheap. But then I go into a thrift store and I am contemplating over a pair of shorts for 99cents for a half hour. Seriously? The mind game. I bought two pairs of such said shorts and have been wearing them non stop, actually. They are loose fitting and have the wide elastic band, so so comfy. Both have side pockets, “that’s a deal breaker ladies”.




There you have it, my $2.50 complete ensemble.

I am a bit taken back by the lovely weather we have been having. I was preparing myself for a much hotter summer, which has turned out so so mild. These two have been loving it too, because it means park time anytime.


I know!


scraps & sh*t

July 27, 2010 § 2 Comments


We workshop-ed it up last Thursday. Ended up with such a creative bunch. It was lovely to meet some new faces, and bring out the little (hopefully) green thumb in all of us.


Now, what to do with all the left over moss?

Actually, I really liked this DIY featured on design sponge, of course. (Don’t you just hate that blog?)


Mounted Staghorn Ferns! I was curious about them when I first came across one on selby.


Sure Erin Wasson’s isn’t looking too good, who cares she is gorgeous!


Thanks Ashlee for multitasking while building terrariums and doubling up as our photographer! These images are stolen from her and you can view more pictures on her bloggiddy blog.

Disclaimer: The hosts of this event are not in anyway held responsible for the life span of your plants.

so indie

July 26, 2010 § Leave a comment


Earlier this month we drove down with some friends to the bay and checked out the Indie Mart. A bunch of great local designers and handmade goodies. Nothing in Sacramento comes close to this kind of selection!


The vintage collections of Little Curiosities was probably one of my favorites “things” stands. There were also a lot of clothes designers even a guy that made flip flops out of recycled tires. And those looked a lot better than you just imagined them. Pretty professional actually.

I also was pretty impressed with this girl. She melts down bullet casing and makes charms. AMAZING. She also sells vintage ones. I regret a little bit not getting the bird scull one, but there were just so many good ones, it was too hard to choose.



There will be another indie mart next month. A good reason to make a trip!


I love visiting San Fransisco and I am bummed that we don’t go over as often as we use to. Its not the same when you have short people (that you love) in carseats in the back. I wish I would have snapped some pictures of the street style this last time. I am very inspired by old Asian ladies. THEY know what they are doing! I think I would pretty much wear anything in their closets. Seriously next time you see an old tiny Asian lady you can think of me wearing just that.



All I need are these clogs and be able to pull my bangs up high into a top side bun!


July 15, 2010 § 1 Comment

I am still not totally sure what possessed me to go blonde. It was one of those totally impulsive things. I have that when it comes to hair every once in a while, like the last time I cut it boy-short, even though I was more than half way to the length I want my hair to be! Anyway. After so much damage I will have to at least keep it for a while, but of course now I am coming across all this lovely darker shaded hair that I am coveting. My latest?


THIS is totally unlike me. But Liz put some teal in her hair not too long ago and I think that warmed me up to the idea. I love this super natural carmel brown look with the teal! So, so pretty.

(source is lookbook)

feeling planty?

July 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

Terrariums are just around the corner!


This workshop will teach you how to make succulent miniature landscapes. We’ll provide the glass container, plants, dirt and care instructions for your tiny enclosed garden. You can bring a little plastic woodland creature or some kind of tiny trinket that will keep your plants company!

Come hang with some overdressed naturalists over some wine and appetizers (whipped up by deliciousnoise) that aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.

There are still a few spots available! But supplies are limited so sign up by e-mailing!

crumbled feta

July 9, 2010 § 2 Comments

I guess I have a bit of an addictive nature about me. I think it reveals itself most in our (and by that I mean mine, since I do most of the grocery hunting and cooking) edible items. My latest fridge must have is feta. I am a little embarrassed to say the little warehouse of a place where I have been getting this stuff in bulk, and so there is plenty to go around throwing it on top of just about everything.

My breakfast this morning:


Toast, blueberry spread, crumbled feta.

My lunch:


Lettuce, zucchini, shredded carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, crumbled feta and homemade garlic dressing.

When I don’t have as much time to chop for lunch I have thrown together avocado, cilantro and feta, or just black beans, cilantro and feta. TRY IT!

This heavenly goodness is here to stay I think.

it came and went, and it was lovely

July 6, 2010 § 1 Comment

It was muh birthday this past weekend. We started off celebrating the day before with the kiddos over some home made ice cream from Ginger Elizabeth.

The salty chocolate ice-cream dipped in dark chocolate is darn GOOD!




The day of, the husband and I road our bikes around town, did I mention my bike is all fixed up? It is! Still need some mustache handle bars and to attach my little basket, but its running. Went and saw Sister Crayon and the “Sister Crayon Dancers” (inside joke). Went out for sushi and drinks and tried cafeteria for dessert. OK. I would love to have the furniture of that place in my house. From the crate full of light bulbs to the eames style bar chairs. Pretty amazing. And don’t let the “dinner” style menu scare you. Its a cute place and the food is good.

We skipped town very last minute and went camping for the long weekend. I am glad we got that out of our systems and although it was a grand ol’ time I was reminded of the reasons why I am not much of a camper.

Today we are recuperating.

The end.

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