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June 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

I worked up a few shelf “liners” this week. Still on the fence about how I feel about ’em. Besides the really strong musky old book pages smell that now fills that corner of the room, it does add a bit of an illusion and texture. Anywho.




What I am really excited about is the chalk board going up in the little ladies room. The husband is putting on a few more coats (he is a perfectionist) and them mounting them to the sides of the shelving on hinges so that the boards can swing open like a cabnet door. Our inspiration was this and I can’t wait until ours are in and the girls can chalk it up.


Ok. What do you think of this hair? I think its pretty amazing. Not that any kind of a mother of two should have a cut as such, but still she wears it well. Pretty sweet little shop too that she is modeling for.



Bitter sweet as one of my very favorite rompers sold today. I kind of want to start requesting the people that purchase these to send me pictures of their kids in them. I would squeal. Seriously, pictures welcome!


source: design sponge. Norwegian Wood


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