June 11, 2010 § 3 Comments

Here is me with my new bag.


Ha. I wish. Here is really me with my good ol’ faithful Chloe.


She has indeed been good to me but she is getting a bit too worn.

Not that this is something I pride myself on or anything, but I am quite picky when it comes to purses. They are such a commitment you know? The last time I tried to two time Chloe I ended up leaving a cart full of groceries at the checkout at Traders Joe because (oh crap!) forgot my wallet in the other purse.

I came across these little bags a few days ago and keep thinking that I might just have found a good replacement. So versatile and probably doesn’t weight 70 pounds, like my current bag does!




These bags are eco-friendly. Made from water-based dyes, organic and vintage materials sourced only in the US.

found just in time for muh-birthday! wha?!


§ 3 Responses to fleabags

  • monica says:

    Thats a damn cute bag!

  • Liska Cole says:

    hey! funny, i really thought that pic was you with the flea bag, haha :)

    i will warn ya about the bigger fleabags, they are kinda hard to get stuff in and out of them, b/c you have to buckle & unbuckle them all the time, they don’t just have little hidden magnets on the backs of the straps…. did that make sense?

    we had them at our shop. super amazing, but thought i’d mention that part, so you’re not surprised!

    • of course you guys did! you guys seem to have the loveliest things. Thanks for the heads up. I still want it :) buuut it is pricey. If only i had lots and lots of money…

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