slap ya mama

May 6, 2010 § 5 Comments

Seriously. When my husband was on his trip to New Orleans he picked up a cajun spice that’s titled “Slap Ya Mama.” And he says that a lot of their cuisine includes such spice blends with catchy names. Anywho, he’s been throwing it on everything and tonight I added it to my garlic tomato and carrot stir fry that we pile on top of tilapia and rice. (I also cover the whole thing with cilantro). It was pretty darn good! My girls pretty much inhale it whenever I make tilapia, its becoming quite the staple here.


For dessert I had my latest obsession: brown rice cake spread with almond butter and sprinkled with chocolate chips. OH MY GOSH! Its like a candy bar, but way better. Rice cakes: Trader Joe’s brand. These are seriously the best brown rice cakes. I am loving the almond butter with roasted flax seed also by Trader Joe’s. Its probably the tastiest ‘cheap’ almond butter around, in my opinion anyway. I know there is good quality ones out there but they are so darn pricey and we go through a whole latta almond butter, so ya. Give this snack a try. Its so yummy.


Speaking of almond butter, I am going to try to recreate these PB&J sushi rolls Serious Eats had recently featured.


Doesn’t that look so fun? I think my girls would love it. Tessa hasn’t been introduced to sushi yet. I know- sad. We will need to break her in soon. I was actually wanting to make some homemade sushi. I’ve been hanging on to this kid friendly ice-cube tray sushi recipe for so long… its ridiculous.


Here is litte Eva, probably 1 1/2 here, using her chop stick skills. She was good.


Did a little shoot earlier today of the kids in some pieces from the whitecrow children vintage collection. Yup. They did so great. Here is a little sneak peak of a few of my favorites. Love these four. So much!





Thanks to the sweet Monica, of Delicious Noise for taking the pictures. She also shot our selby inspired shoot.

Hope you slap ya mama with some love this weekend. Happy Mothers Day.


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