(our) march madness

March 11, 2010 § 4 Comments

Its been a lot of late nights and early mornings this week, with a whole lot of happenings in between. Mostly fun things so by no means am I complaining. Only today do I feel like I’ve had a decently productive day, even a few packed up boxes in preparation for our big move to prove it.

Celebrated my dad’s and mom’s birthdays, which are only 4 days apart. Love them.


Here is them bringing me home from the hospital.


Always fun to look back at old photos.

We’ve taken many walks around Midtown. I got a few new articles of clothing from Crimson&Clover. Including a dress that I will need to alter (ah another one). When we move it’ll be pretty much across the street from us. Ha. Eva got hooked up by Olivia from Bows&Arrows with some pretty cute sun glasses, which were ordered in children size by mistake. She swears its sunny and wears them ALL THE TIME. Looks darn cute.

Here is another thing she has been wearing all the time (this one was completely her idea):


And I’ve gotten in a few projects too. Here are a few finished products:


A lovely friend and I got inspired to try this little project at a Two Sheds concert. Thanks music.

I took off the doilies that hung on the wall to pack up and right now I am not so sure they will be going back on the wall at the new place. Just saying….


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