planning some planting

March 8, 2010 § 3 Comments

I know you couldn’t tell from simply visiting my house (because the lack of) but I LOVE potted plants.

Currently I have two inside plants that have gotten pretty big and we’ve had for quite awhile and one little cactus looking thing. Two outside; one that use to have some flowering seasonals, but those have died off and only the evergreens are hanging in, and our potted Christmas tree that we will be replanting into a bigger pot and keeping for hopefully another 2 years or until it gets too heavy for us to drag inside and decorate for Christmas. Then it will go into to the ground permanently, probably at grandma’s.

Tangent (kind of): we got the Christmas tree last November from a nursery that kept the plant outside and once we brought it inside I think we definitely confused some of the hibernating critters with the sudden warmth. For about a week after we had it I would have to make a thorough search each morning for rollypollies. The wooden floors made it pretty hard for them to hide but great for them to roll and so they were quite a hit with Tessa (my 1yr old). Golly.

All this to say, I do love plants but have yet to develop a green thumb. Especially for the flowering seasonals, but I am not even going to go there this time. This spring there is high hopes to start a garden with just some herbs and tomatoes. And I would really like to expand my inside potted plant collection. I gasped when I saw this:


Find it at “Monkeys always look”. They will ship things like this to you already planted! Wow.

AAAAANNNNDDDD the vintage silverware garden markers at their shop! I really really want these for our (soon to come) herb garden.



I can’t wait to get all the supplies and plant a terrarium with my Eva (4 yr old). I found this great tutorial of how to catered specifically for such a project with the kiddos. But you can use it too, because look, its beautiful.


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